Associated Networks (UK) Limited

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Welcome to AnlX

about anlx

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About us

Established in 2002, Associated Networks (UK) Limited provides internet services and consultancy to a broad range of customers.
Initially formed from a group of technically minded and skilled individuals AnlX is now expanding and evolving as a one stop solutions provider for a wide array of products and services.

Our belief is to do things properly, no short cuts and no loose ends - whether this means fully complying with Internet standards, or taking those extra steps our technical skills, knowledge and resources allow us to offer an extremely high level of service, to all our customers.

As well as professional and dedicated staff, AnlX has a well connected Data Centre at Telehouse UK complete with well managed high specification network and server equipment.
AnlX encourages entrepreneurship by offering low cost hosting solutions and superb technical support to help individuals and small companies start up their business. This is one area we take great pride in. As our customers grow and evolve and become more successful, as a company we also become more successful.

Our biggest asset is our team of staff. We believe our highly skilled, motivated, passionate and dedicated team allows us to provide an excellent service that sets us apart from all others.
Acting as consultants to create and develop business systems and procedures, we excel at implementing quality solutions to specification quickly, ensuring customer satisfaction and returning exceptional value for money.When grouped together the power of like minded companies form a powerful and adaptive community.



We want to shake up the Global ISP and Hosting market. It is an industry that needs an active player that changes the way it works for the customer.

Associated Networks Vision, therefore its goal, would be to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and returning, exceptional value for money for AnlX customers.


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